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Car Hire in Stalis

Discover Stalis: A Tranquil Paradise in the Heart of Crete

Situated conveniently between Malia and Hersonissos on the northern coast of the island of Crete, Stalis (or Stalida) serves as a perfect base to explore the amazing sights the island has to offer. This beautiful resort town basks in the Mediterranean sunshine, boasting postcard-perfect beaches, crystal clear waters and vibrant local life. Whether you're visiting Crete, Greece for its historic landmarks, breath-taking landscapes, or its culinary delights, Stalis has a bit of everything. But for many tourists, the charm of Stalis can be truly experienced when you rent a car in Stalis and cruise around at your own pace. This allows you the flexibility to discover hidden gems, dine at quaint tavernas, soak in the local culture, or just explore the backroads of this enchanting island.

Experience the Freedom of Car Hire in Stalis

With Smart Car Rental, indulge in the liberty to create your own itinerary. No waiting for public transport or negotiating with taxi drivers as you get to steer your day, your way. From sunrise beach visits to late-night city escapades, car hire in Stalis ensures you make the most out of your Greece vacation. And with our competitive car rental prices, we make sure to provide a smooth ride without burning a hole in your pocket.

Your Adventure in Crete Begins in Stalis

Stalis acts as a doorway to the magic that waits in Crete. Picture-perfect villages, ancient archaeological sites, manicured vineyards, and stunning beaches are just a car ride away with your car rental Crete Stalis. Tour the island in style, comfort, and convenience with our fleet of modern vehicles. So why wait? Dive into your Cretan adventure with Smart Car Rental and let Stalis be the start of a Greek trip of a lifetime.



Easy Pick-up and Drop-off in Stalis 

As a premier car rental company in Crete, we offer our customers the convenience of picking-up and dropping-off their rental cars at any hotel in Stalis. Our dedicated team will ensure your chosen car is ready for you when you arrive, allowing you to start your journey in comfort, without any hassle.

Renting a car has never been so easy. The moment you decide to rent a car Stalis, our dedicated team leaps into action, preparing a vehicle from our modern fleet that matches your requirements and driving preferences. We house an impressive range of recent models, designed to cater to various travel needs. From compact, city cars for solo travelers to spacious vans for family vacations, and luxury models should you wish to travel in style, all you have to do is pick and we will deliver.

Hassle-free paperwork

Apart from offering top notch vehicles, we at Smart Car Rental are committed to making the process of car hire Stalis Crete as simple and swift as possible. We embrace a seamless and streamlined online booking process. You can complete the necessary paperwork from the comfort of your apartment or hotel room, saving-up valuable vacation time. And of course, our expert team is always ready to assist should you encounter any hiccups.



Optional Premium Plus Insurance

Theft Insurance & Fire Insurance

Third Part Liabilities & Personal Insurance

Unlimited Kilometers

No charge in case of delayed arrival

No cancellation fees, book now pay on arrival

Deliveries/Collections at the ports and airports 24Hours

24/7 Support (Phone & Road Service)

40+ Pick Up Locations

Immediate replacement of vehicle in case of break down or accident

New safe vehicles, free of charge car upgrades in winter and low season

The Advantage of our Premium Car Insurance

Our rental deals are designed to take the stress out of your holiday. This means you won't require a credit card for your car hire with us. Our full collision damage waiver (FCDW) provides zero excess, hence there's no deposit required at all. You don't have to go through the hassle of blocking a hefty amount on your credit card; our rental company lets you drive away without any such hassles.

s for the slightly technical word, "excess" in insurance terms is the amount you need to pay before your insurance kicks in for any covered damages. However, with our premium insurance plan, you don't have to deal with these surplus costs. In essence, we truly deliver on our promise of cheap car rentals – not just in rates but in providing a stress-free experience also.

FAQs About Renting a Car in Stalis

We're here to ensure that your car renting process is as smooth as possible. Here are some common questions and answers to guide you through your journey in Stalis.

Do I need a credit card to hire a car?

No, if you choose our optional premium insurance – full collision damage waiver – you can rent a car with no credit card and no excess as guaranty. This makes the process easier and less fussy for you.

Can I make last minute reservations?

Yes, we understand that plans can change or opportunity may knock at short notice. Feel free to make your car rental reservations last minute. We will always be ready to serve you and assure you of the best car rental deals.

What type of cars do you provide in your service?

We have a modern fleet with the latest models to suit your preference. Our offering includes everything from compact cars for those who prefer economy and convenience, to luxury cars for those in search of comfort and prestige. We also have a range of SUVs, vans, minivans and even convertibles! Plus, all our cars rental come with the option of automatic gear and some are even hybrid.

Can I drop off my rental car at a different location?

Indeed, we provide a convenient one-way rental service for our customers. You can easily return your rented car at Heraklion airport. It's part of our dedication to making your car hire experience as straightforward and stress-free as possible, exemplifying our commitment to top-tier car rental service.

Can I trust in Smart Car Rental's reputation and experience?

Absolutely. With over 20 years of company experience, we've learned what matters to our customers. Our confident, experienced staff are ready to offer you the best service and support at all times, ensuring your car rental in Stalis is memorable for all the right reasons.






Explore Nearby Locations with your Rental Car in Stalis

Stalis, nestled atop Crete's northern coastline, has more than its fair share of attractions to entice all visitors. Nevertheless, one of the charms of hiring a car in Stalis is the freedom to explore nearby locations at your convenience and pace. And we at Smart Car Rental are here to get you behind-the-wheel of a high-quality rental car for your journey.

Tucked within easy driving distance from Stalis are the stunning locales of Milatos, Anissaras, and Koutouloufari. Each location offers its unique blend of Greek beauty, history, and culture.

Milatos: A quaint, scenic village

Just 14 kilometers from Stalis is the picturesque seaside village of Milatos. Known for its small but beautiful beaches and unique caves, Milatos is truly a touristic gem. Regularly serviced by our rental cars, this serene village offers a genuine look into traditional Greek life, away from the usual hustle-bustle.

Anissaras: Sun-kissed Mediterranean beauty

If beaches and gourmet Greek cuisine sound appealing, then a quick 10-minute drive in your Smart Car Rental vehicle from Stalis to Anissaras is a trip to take. Anissaras is home to some of the most family-friendly beaches in Crete, flanked by excellent local restaurants and eateries.

Koutouloufari: Traditional charms and modern vibes

The hillside village of Koutouloufari, situated just 9 kilometers from Stalis, is a unique blend of Crete’s traditional and modern charms. Meandering through its narrow streets, lined with historic houses, quaint shops, and trendy cafes, is a memorable experience. Get the perfect car for your journey to Koutouloufari from our extensive fleet. 

In a nutshell, our cheap car rental deals make exploring these off-the-beaten paths around Stalis not just possible, but also an immense pleasure. With Smart Car Rental, every destination is just a scenic drive away.





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