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Car Hire in Malia

The Benefits of Renting a Car from Smart Car Rental in Malia

If you're visiting the captivating island of Crete, considering to rent a car in Malia could significantly improve your holiday experience. Especially in a city like Malia that is filled with historical sites, beautiful beaches, and exotic adventures. So why not make your journey as seamless as possible with efficient car hire in Malia Crete? At Smart Car Rental, it's all about enhancing your driving experience, and there's no better way to explore Malia than at your own leisure with our rental services.

We are one of the top rental car companies dedicated to offering a variety of cars to choose from. Select your car among a variety of classes, sizes, engines and gearbox types. We offer you the chance to drive the size of the car you prefer such as economy, compact, standard, full-size, station wagon, minivan, minibus, SUV, premium and luxury cars.

Rent a Car in Sissi - Milatos - Malia Crete

A key benefit of renting from us is the convenience of pick-up and drop-off delivery at any hotel in Malia. Our flexible rental deals also include options for one-way car rentals and off-time, allowing you to move around on your terms. We place premium emphasis on customer comfort and satisfaction, thus ensuring a hassle-free car rental process.

Maintaining a transparent rental process is a key characteristic that sets us apart from other car rental companies in Malia.  Starting from comprehensive car rental rates with no hidden surcharges, collision damage waiver, to a range of other services, we aim at attaining optimum customer satisfaction.

Our cars also come with optional premium comprehensive insurance with no deposit as guaranty, therefore giving you peace of mind in case of unexpected mishaps. Whether it's your first time hiring a car or a regular business trip, take the chance to experience this behind-the-wheel convenience at an affordable car hire price. Seize the day in Malia, the right rental car from Smart Car Rental is waiting for you!



Top Tips for Choosing the Right Rental Car in Malia

As you plan your trip to the enchanting city of Malia, finding the best "car hire Malia Crete" becomes increasingly important. With so many car styles to choose from, it can be quite daunting to select one that will meet all your needs. What is required is not just a rent a car Malia, but a quality vehicle that is reliable, fuel-efficient and spacious. For making your trip an unforgettable one, we suggest a few tips to consider while choosing the perfect rental car for you:

Consider the Number of Passengers

From our compact cars ideal for two passengers to our minivans perfect for large groups, our variety of "cars for hire" can fit any party size. If you're travelling with family or in a big group, consider our passenger vans or SUVs. Also, remember to take into account enough space for your luggage.

Think about Rental Deals

Should you need a car for car or a week, our "car hire Malia" offers best rental deals suited to your preferences and budget. From affordable car hires to luxury car rental options, we provide a range of prices to ensure you receive the best value.

Look for Comfort and Convenience

Comfort and convenience should be a priority when you are renting a car. Our rental cars are equipped with modern amenities to guarantee a smooth driving experience. Child seats, GPS and additional driver – we provide everything you might need for a comfortable drive.

Understand our Rental Terms and Policies

Renting a car from our car rental company in Malia, it's important for you to understand our rental terms and policies. We aim to offer flexible and convenient solutions to cater to a diverse range of traveller needs.





Optional Premium Plus Insurance

Theft Insurance & Fire Insurance

Third Part Liabilities & Personal Insurance

Unlimited Kilometers

No charge in case of delayed arrival

No cancellation fees, book now pay on arrival

Deliveries/Collections at the ports and airports 24Hours

24/7 Support (Phone & Road Service)

40+ Pick Up Locations

Immediate replacement of vehicle in case of break down or accident

New safe vehicles, free of charge car upgrades in winter and low season

Must-Visit Attractions in Malia: Unlocking Crete's Beauty

Imagine cruising down the sun-drenched roads of Malia, exploring its stunning beaches and historical gems behind-the-wheel of a rental car.  Let's shed light on some of the top attractions you can access with ease when you choose to rent a car in Malia with us.

First on your itinerary could be the famous Palace of Malia. This ancient Minoan palace, with its intricate design and historical significance, makes for an unforgettable starting point. Our well-maintained and high quality rental cars can drive you right up to the entrance of this historical haven.

Malia Old Town

Next, navigate the narrow, cobblestone lanes of the Malia Old Town. This quaint and picturesque area houses traditional Cretan architecture and delightful tavernas. With the space and comfort of your rental cars from Smart Car Rental, you can spend an entire day exploring this part of the city at your leisure.

Malia Beaches

Finally, discover the mesmerizing coastlines that Malia boasts of. Stalis Beach, among the beautiful beach choices, can offer you golden sands and crystal-clear waters. Having the comfort of a rental car gives you the chance to find your perfect spot on any beach, with your beach essentials in the car's spacious luggage compartment.


Milatos is a quaint fishing village about 13 kilometres from Malia. The charm of this locale lies in its pebble beach, tranquil pace and local taverns where you can savour fresh fish. Getting around Milatos is where the convenience of our car rental Malia comes into play. There's also the attraction of the Milatos Cave, located a bit inland, a site steeped in history. You can soak in the serenity or delve into the past, it's all a comfortable drive away with our car hire Malia Crete services.


The quaint coastal town of Anissaras is but a quick drive south from Malia, and hiring a car from Smart Car Rental opens up a world of exploration possibilities. The town is famed for its sparkling seas and golden sands, making it a perfect spot to escape the bustling city centre of Malia.

Worried about mileage restrictions when you rent a car? With Smart Car Rental that's not an issue. You can enjoy unlimited mileage without any surcharges, offering total freedom to explore Malia and beyond. Our car hire deals are designed to give you the best driving experience without any additional costs or hidden fees. Everything from fuel policies, all car rental agreements to comprehensive insurance, is transparent and clear for our customers.

Booking with us, you can expect no long queues, no excess paperwork, just the perfect car waiting for you at your designated location. Book a car with us and experience a seamless car rental in Malia. Your island adventure starts behind-the-wheel of a vehicle from our exclusive fleet. Whether it’s a business trip, a family vacation package or a solo escapade, our Smart Car Rental in Malia is the ideal choice for a car hire Malia Crete can count on.   






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